The Best EMS Backpack for Everyday Carry

My go to EMS, every day carry back pack is the HAZARD 4 Patrol: Thermo-Cap Daypack. This is the backpack I carry with me on every shift.

Let’s face it, we all carry our own personal gear on shift. Whether it be our own stethoscope, eye protection, trauma shears, or flashlight; these are items that need to be carried into and out of the ambulance. In addition, any shift you’re probably carrying some non EMS related stuff. For me it’s my laptop, iPad, and an assortment of chargers and cables to make it through the shift. This is why I use, and will only use, the HAZARD 4 Patrol: Thermo-Cap Daypack. Now any pack/bag can carry your gear, but here’s why I recommend this backpack.

For starters, it’s big enough to carry all of my crap! I do not pack light when I go on shift. But what I specifically like about this bag is the way it carries all my gear. On the sides of the pack are two large slit pockets where I can store my Robin Boy Safety Trauma Shears, stethoscope, and my flashlight. Then there is Molle on the sides and front which allow me to add accessories. Three accessories I keep on my pack are the 5.11 glove pouch (stuffed with Medium nitrile gloves), a tactical throw pouch (incase I need some quick storage), and a First Tactical eyeglasses case (I wear prescription glasses and constantly switch between my regular glasses and prescription sunglasses). These two features make it convenient to have my commonly used items readily accessible on the front of the bag. On the Molle there is Velcro to attach a name tag or other identifiable tag.

I especially like what I refer to as the PPE pouch. This is a large zippered pouch on the front of the backpack that is essentially a hard case. Think of it like a hard eye glasses case built into the bag. In here I like to keep my safety goggles, ear plugs, spit hoods, and radio accessories. The hard pouch ensures that these items are not damaged as the bag gets thrown around the ambulance.

Then there is the laptop pouch that is built into the bag. On shift I carry with me an iPad and a 14 inch MacBook Pro that fit into the laptop pouch. As long as the pouch is zipped up, I have never had a problem with my expensive devices being damaged. This bag has been dropped out of the ambulance and thrown around the ambulance with my expensive devices inside. Just make sure this pouch is zipped up and your devices are safe (I reiterate this because my bag fell out of the truck one day without this zipper being zipped and the iPad fell out and shattered!)

This bag is also built to stand up to the harsh environment of the ambulance. The bag is constructed of 1000D Cordura nylon. Personally I use the black bag but it also comes in khaki. For ambulance use, I’d recommend the black to help give a clean appearance.

Some other features include the adjustable straps on the bag to cinch down the load, the hand holds on the top and bottom and side which makes for easy grabbing, the two large storage areas inside the pack, and the smaller front pouch with a built in organizer for pens and other miscellaneous items. The bag also features a nice rectangular shape which allows it to fit nicely in the center console, in the walkthrough, or behind the front seats of the ambulance.

Overall, this is my favorite every day carry pack that I use on shift. I highly recommend this pack for use on the ambulance or just everyday carry.