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SNHD EMS Protocol Phone App

Introducing the must-have Southern Nevada Health District EMS Protocol app, designed for seamless use on both iOS and Android devices. Stay ahead with the latest protocols tailored for EMS providers in Clark County, Nevada, right at your fingertips. Explore a comprehensive field reference manual packed with essential resources, including hospital directories, pediatric resuscitation guidelines, fire station listings, radio codes, and more crucial tools to empower EMS providers in delivering top-notch care efficiently and effectively. Elevate your response capabilities with the ultimate companion for every emergency situation. Download now and equip yourself with the power of knowledge on the go.

SNHD EMS Protocol Study Guide

Master the Clark County EMS protocols with our latest edition of the SNHD Protocol Study Guide, updated to the April 2024 protocols. Dive into each section, meticulously tailored to encompass every aspect, from initial assessment to advanced treatments and operational procedures, ensuring you’re equipped with the most current knowledge.

This study guide features an extensive test bank tailored to each level of expertise. EMTs can access over 400 study questions, AEMTs over 600, and Paramedics over 800 meticulously selected questions designed to challenge and fortify your grasp of protocol essentials.

Moreover, each protocol within our guide unfolds as a unique lesson, offering specialized insights and strategies. With over 90 lessons spanning various scenarios, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of emergency medical protocols like never before.

Invest in the SNHD Protocol Study Guide today and embark on a transformative journey towards excellence and proficiency in Clark County EMS protocols.

Gear Reviews, Tips, and Tricks

Understanding Causes of Altered Mental Status and Syncope

July 3, 2024|

Altered mental status (AMS) and syncope are common, yet challenging, presentations that EMTs and paramedics encounter in the pre-hospital setting. Prompt recognition and management are crucial to improving patient outcomes. To aid in the assessment, the acronym AEIOU-TIPS is a valuable tool that can help providers systematically evaluate potential causes of AMS and syncope. AEIOU-TIPS: A Systematic Approach A - Alcohol/Acidosis E - Epilepsy (Seizures) I - Infection O [...]

Push Dose Epinephrine

June 26, 2024|

Introduction In emergency medical services (EMS), the ability to rapidly respond to acute hypotension can be lifesaving. Push dose epinephrine (also known as bolus dose epinephrine) is a critical intervention for temporary management of hypotension in critical care settings, such as during septic shock, anesthesia-induced hypotension, or post-cardiac arrest care. This article will provide an overview of push dose epinephrine, including how to prepare it and the appropriate [...]

Differential Diagnosis of Abdominal and Flank Pain in Adult Patients

June 11, 2024|

Introduction Abdominal and flank pain are common complaints encountered by EMTs and paramedics in the field. These symptoms can arise from a wide range of underlying conditions, making it crucial for first responders to conduct a thorough assessment to prioritize care and transport decisions. This article outlines the differential diagnosis of abdominal and flank pain in adult patients, emphasizing the key considerations and steps in prehospital care. Common Causes [...]

Assessing a Patient’s Glasgow Coma Score

May 29, 2024|

The Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) is a critical tool used by healthcare professionals to assess a patient's level of consciousness. Developed in 1974 by Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennett, the GCS provides a reliable and objective way to measure the severity of a brain injury. This blog will guide you through understanding and applying the GCS, complete with five practice scenarios to enhance your learning. Understanding the Glasgow Coma [...]

Happy 2024 EMS Week: 2024: Honoring Our Lifesaving Heroes

May 20, 2024|

Every year, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week provides a dedicated time to celebrate and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of EMS professionals. These frontline heroes are crucial in our communities, offering lifesaving care, rapid response, and support in emergencies. In 2024, EMS Week is observed from May 19 to May 25, with the theme "EMS: Where Emergency Care Begins." The Importance of EMS Week EMS Week, established by President Gerald [...]

Understanding S.T.A.R.T. Triage at a Mass Casualty Scene

May 18, 2024|

Understanding S.T.A.R.T. Triage at a Mass Casualty Scene Mass casualty incidents (MCIs) present unique and challenging scenarios for emergency medical services (EMS). In such events, the ability to quickly and accurately assess and prioritize patient care can significantly impact survival rates and overall outcomes. The Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment (S.T.A.R.T.) system is a widely adopted method that helps EMTs and paramedics efficiently categorize patients based on the severity [...]

Enhancing EMT and Paramedic Performance: The Vital Role of Electrolyte Replacement

April 26, 2024|

Introduction: In the demanding world of emergency medical services (EMS), the ability to perform at peak levels is not just desired – it's essential. EMTs and paramedics often find themselves in physically and mentally taxing situations, requiring optimal hydration and nutrition to ensure they can provide the best care possible. In this article, we delve into the importance of electrolyte replacement during shifts and why Ultima stands out as a [...]

Enhancing the Well-being of EMTs and Paramedics: The Rollga Foam Roller Advantage

April 25, 2024|

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics are the unsung heroes of our communities, providing vital care and support during critical moments. However, the demanding nature of their profession often takes a toll on their bodies, leading to musculoskeletal issues and fatigue. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of foam rolling for EMTs and Paramedics, with a focus on the unique advantages offered by the Rollga Foam Roller. The Importance [...]

A Lifesaving Tool for Every EMT and Paramedic: The Fisher Space Pen

April 25, 2024|

In the fast-paced world of emergency medical services, every second counts. When it comes to the tools you carry, reliability and efficiency are paramount. Among the essential gear you carry, a reliable writing instrument might not seem like a top priority, but let me introduce you to the Fisher Space Pen – a small investment with significant benefits. First and foremost, the Fisher Space Pen is designed to perform in [...]

5 Items Every New EMT Needs

April 14, 2024|

Every new EMT needs to purchase 5 pieces of gear to make their life easier on the job.  Here is my list of 5 items that every new EMT needs before they start their first shift: Boots - My favorite boots are the Merell Moab 3 8inch Tactical Boots. I have been wearing these boots for many years and highly recommend them.  They have zipper on the inside of the [...]

The Best Stethoscope for EMS Providers

April 6, 2024|

The Best Stethoscope for EMS Providers Introduction: As an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider, having reliable equipment is paramount to delivering efficient and effective care. Among the essential tools in your arsenal, a high-quality stethoscope stands out as indispensable. In this review, we delve into why the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope is the ultimate choice for EMS professionals seeking accuracy, durability, and versatility. Precision in Every Beat: The Cardiology [...]

The Best EMS Backpack for Everyday Carry

April 6, 2024|

The Best EMS Backpack for Everyday Carry My go to EMS, every day carry back pack is the HAZARD 4 Patrol: Thermo-Cap Daypack. This is the backpack I carry with me on every shift. Let’s face it, we all carry our own personal gear on shift. Whether it be our own stethoscope, eye protection, trauma shears, or flashlight; these are items that need to be carried into and out [...]

SNHD Protocol Books Now Available!

Now available are SNHD Protocol Manuals and Field Reference Guide.  The SNHD Protocol Manual is updated to the most recent, April 2024, protocols.  The Field Reference Guide is a supplemental guide that provides additional resources including:

  • Pediatric Resuscitation Guide
  • Weight Based Medication Dosing
  • Radio Codes
  • Fire Station Lists
  • Important Phone Numbers and Community Resources
  • Vital Sign References
  • Hospital Guide

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